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Jackleens Jems Jewelry and Gifts.

We specialize in turquoise, jaspers, agates, Petoskey stones, fine fresh water pearls, lapis and fine gemstone beads. We craft pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, necklaces, pins/broaches and barrettes. Specialties include:
• Petoskey stone jewelry, knives, money-clips and key-chains
• Gemstone money-clips
• Mother's rings with gemstone beads
• Gifts made from Petoskey stones and various gems
• Petoskey stone fountains and bird baths

Most of our designs involve wire wrapping and custom bezel mountings. We use sterling silver, 14kt. gold-filled, some copper and 14kt. gold at customer's request. Our in-house stone cutting and metal-smithing allow our customers many choices in the design process of a custom piece. Numerous people have told us our designs have inspired other jewelry designers.

Petoskey stones are composed of the fossilized skeletons of "Colony Coral" which lived in the warm waters that covered Michigan some 350 million years ago during the Devonian Period. The stones are commonly found along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the United States.

The name Petoskey is a derivation of the name Petosegay, the name of a son of a Frenchman who married an Ottawa Indian princess and later became the tribes' chief . It's translated meaning is "rising sun" or "rays of dawn".  The Petoskey stone is the state stone of Michigan.


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